My name is Dan Bennett, founder of South West Kustom, I first picked up a spray gun when I was a teenager after seeing my Dad’s custom painted motorcycle. Having no idea what to do with the spray gun, I was in awe of the paintjob, it was amazing; the depth; the colour; the artwork. It was at that moment I knew I wanted to become a custom painter. I wanted to know how to achieve such in-depth and polished work. But painting wasn't all I learnt, please read on... 


As you can imagine, being young and impatient, I wanted to be able to paint at that standard immediately. So, after waving the spray gun around making no progress, I soon realised it would take years to perfect, so I visited a local paint shop and managed to get a job! The fact it was also a mechanics shop meant I had plenty of expertise around me from which to learn. I then signed up to do a three-year body and paint advanced apprenticeship at my local college, which is when I started to realise there was so much more I could learn. So, throughout my time at college, I took on panel beating and welding. As the course progressed I became very interested in extending my knowledge, so while my friends would be out on the evenings, I would be picking up tools and work on cars and motorbikes. Gaining experience on mechanics, stripping, rebuilding, fabricating, cutting, chopping, welding. I was always grabbing the chance to learn from whoever was willing to teach me. Here at South West Kustom we will take on all sorts of projects, so please get in touch and tell us what you have. 


After completing college I enrolled in a custom painting course. This took me to different parts of the UK where I was extremely lucky in meeting some very talented painters and picking up tips in airbrush work and pinstriping on the way. I have plenty of photos in my galleries to show you the type of work carried out here at South West Kustom, enjoy!! 
My work has made several magazine features including VWT (Volkswagon T4-T5), Back Street Heroes and Trike. I am always moving forward and experimenting with ideas and designs in my artwork and always perform to the highest standard possible. No corner cutting, no cheap materials, just 110% of my concentration into each and every job I take on. 



From a young age I would draw anything I could see around me. One day a family friend came to me and asked if I would design something he could paint on his car. I was amazed at how he could use my design and paint it onto his own car. From that day on, I found a passion for something I enjoyed. By the time it came to leaving school I had enrolled onto a body and paint course at Bridgwater College. Three years on I had a full time job which opened my future up for so much more than I ever thought. As my passion for the trade kept growing, I wanted to do more challenging jobs. 


I took an interest in classic cars and run down cars that needed much more attention than just small repairs from dents/scratches etc. My journey so far I have worked on motorbikes, classic cars, and high end cars. I have also painted many objects and enjoyed every part of my career so far. The satisfaction you get from completing big projects, the excitement from customers seeing their cars for the first time restored is amazing and very rewarding. Hearing of Dan at South West Kustom, I soon got in contact and went down to see his set up, and here I am. 


We are custom / automotive paint distributor. We use our products daily so you know you are not just buying a product that we say is good, we know the this stuff is good. We offer technical support to our customer for all our custom paint or products we sell. 
So if you would like to join my many happy customers for that one off custom paint job or standard respray, then please get in touch by either e-mailing us at info@southwestkustom.co.uk, calling us on 07590 650971 or better still just pop in and see me at my workshop. 
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