My name is Daniel Bennett, founder of South West Kustom, I first picked up a spray gun when I was a teenager after seeing my Dad’s custom painted motorcycle. Having no idea what to do with the spray gun, I was in awe of the paintjob, it was amazing; the depth; the colour; the artwork. It was at that moment I knew I wanted to become a custom painter. I wanted to know how to achieve such in-depth and polished work. But painting wasn't all I learnt, please read on... 


I started by getting a job at a local paint and bodyshop, it has allowed me to immerse myself in the world of automotive painting and learn from experienced individuals. Working in an environment where there were mechanics around also provided me with the opportunity to gain expertise in various aspects of car and motorbike repair. 
Enrolling in a three-year body and paint advanced apprenticeship at a local college further deepened my understanding and honed my skills. By taking on panel beating and welding during my time at college, i expanded my capabilities and became more versatile in the automotive industry. 
My dedication to learning and extending my knowledge is evident from the fact that while others might have been enjoying their evenings, i was busy working on cars and motorbikes, continuously gaining experience in mechanics, fabrication, cutting, chopping, and welding. This hands-on approach has been a great way to acquire practical expertise and improve my craft. 
My openness to learning from others is also been a valuable trait. Being willing to learn from experienced individuals, be it teachers, mentors, or colleagues, is key to personal and professional growth. 
South West Kustom is a place that takes on diverse projects, and we are eager to embrace new challenges. If you have a project and need assistance or want to customize a vehicle, then contact us at South West Kustom. 


After completing college I enrolled in a custom painting course. This took me to different parts of the UK where I was extremely lucky in meeting some very talented painters and picking up tips in airbrush work and pinstriping on the way. I have plenty of photos in my galleries to show you the type of work carried out here at South West Kustom, enjoy!! 
My work has made several magazine features including VWT (Volkswagon T4-T5), Back Street Heroes and Trike. I am always moving forward and experimenting with ideas and designs in my artwork and always perform to the highest standard possible. No corner cutting, no cheap materials, just 110% of my concentration into each and every job I take on. 
Being a member of the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and holding the titles of Associate and Certified Automotive Engineer, helps keep me updated with the latest developments in the automotive industry and maintaining a high standard of knowledge and expertise. 
As an IMI member, I have access to a wealth of resources, training opportunities, and a strong network of professionals in the automotive field. This can be extremely beneficial in staying informed about new legislation, industry trends, and advancements in automotive technology. 
Continuously striving to stay up-to-date with legislation and quality of service is essential in the automotive industry, as it is constantly evolving with new regulations and consumer expectations. 

RICH Welder and fabricator 

EARY YEARS  I have always had a genuine passion for the automotive industry, particularly classic cars. Growing up around cars and motorbikes, to applying and completing an apprenticeship in the Automotive industry, I feel this has shown my dedication to learning and expanding my knowledge in this field. My experience in a body repair center and obtaining City and Guilds qualifications has gave me a strong foundation in automotive repair and maintenance. Owning and maintaining classic cars further enriched my expertise and understanding of these vehicles.  

CLASSIC CARS Later in my career I moved to a company specialising in classic car repairs awell as traditional body repairs, allowing me to gain more in-depth insight into classic cars and their restoration process. This experience not only enhanced my skills but also enabled me to contribute more effectively to the preservation of these timeless vehicles. My detour into heavy haulage repairs provided me with diverse experiences but also reaffirmed my passion for the classic car industry. It was evident that my heart was into classic cars, and my decision to return to this field when i heard of an opening at a local garage. I met Dan back 2004 and we have maintained a connection over the years. We have always shared a passion for classic cars, which is part of the reason we have always worked well together. We spoke about me coming on board for a while and eventually i took the jump and started full time at swk back in 2022. My experiences and connections have shaped my journey, always expanding my knowledge and expertise

STEVE Bodywork and filler  

EARLY YEARS When I was a child, my father worked as a mechanic, and I used to assist him. This experience sparked my fascination with cars and motorcycles. I built my first streetfighter bike in the early 2000s. Later on, I made the decision to pursue a career in the Automotive industry. My strong understanding of vehicles served me well in this role, and I quickly adapted to it. As I continued in this field, I found myself increasingly drawn to the art of bodywork, as I discovered the immense satisfaction it brought, especially when comparing the finished projects to mechanical work. I naturally developed a talent for working with fillers, primarily due to my involvement in crash repair projects that required extensive repair and filler application. Subsequently, I progressed to applying primer and painting tasks. Additionally, I assumed the role of covering for painters when they were absent. While I had a preference for panel beating and filler work, this experience broadened my skill set and added to my expertise in the field.   

CLASSIC CARS I've had the opportunity to work on a wide range of vehicles, including commercial vehicles, modern cars, motorcycles, and classic cars. My passion for restoration led me down this career path. Although I had experience working on classic cars in various body shops, none of them specialised in this area. When I heard about SWK and the great things people were saying about and what i had seen online, I was eager to visit and meet Dan. I believed that my meticulous approach to work would be a perfect fit for this position. After meeting Dan, I was confident that working here would not only allow me to contribute but also expand my knowledge in the field. 

JODIE Office and Social Media  


From a young age I would draw anything I could see around me. One day a family friend came to me and asked if I would design something he could paint on his car. I was amazed at how he could use my design and paint it onto his own car. From that day on, I found a passion for something I enjoyed. By the time it came to leaving school I had enrolled onto a body and paint course at Bridgwater College. Three years on I had a full time job which opened my future up for so much more than I ever thought. As my passion for the trade kept growing, I wanted to do more challenging jobs. 


I took an interest in classic cars and run down cars that needed much more attention than just small repairs from dents/scratches etc. My journey so far I have worked on motorbikes, classic cars, and high end cars. I have also painted many objects and enjoyed every part of my career so far. The satisfaction you get from completing big projects, the excitement from customers seeing their cars for the first time restored is amazing and very rewarding. Hearing of Dan at South West Kustom, I soon got in contact and went down to see his set up, and here I am.  
At the start of 2023 i decided to step away from the shop floor and help in the office where i now look after social media, emails, worksheets etc. I can answer question and assist customers when Dan is not available. Having the knoledge and physical experience of the job it has worked out well for us at South West Kustom. 


We are custom / automotive paint distributor. We use our products daily so you know you are not just buying a product that we say is good, we know the this stuff is good. We offer technical support to our customer for all our custom paint or products we sell. 
So if you would like to join my many happy customers for that one off custom paint job or standard respray, then please get in touch by either e-mailing us at info@southwestkustom.co.uk, calling us on 07590 650971. 
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